Will NAB ’12 Commence Large-Scale 4K Adoption?

I’ve read scores of reviews about what to expect from this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas (April 16-19, 2012). And almost everyone is predicting a preliminary industry shift from HD to 2K & 4K videos. This week, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office revealed that Canon applied for RAW 4K patent almost a year and a half ago. I think this indicator makes us strongly believe that Canon, as well as a slew of other competitors. will be debuting a new line of 2K & 4K cameras this year.

But the question that pops to mind: How affordable will these cameras be to the average filmmaker? [Red has introduced, a couple of months ago, Scarlet-X that retails at about $12,000 (brain only)].

Here is a brilliant and effective video from Dave Dugdale meeting up with James Drake who is the co-owner of 5kInsight.com, a camera rental house specializing in Red cameras in Denver, CO. In about 15 min, James takes you over the essential buttons and features of Red Epic and readies you to get up and running with the Epic quickly.