Is the Era of Renting a Chopper for Aerial Shots Gone for Good?

I still remember the day when we had to shoot some aerial footage of Cairo. The producer had just paid the Army $10,000 to rent a chopper to do the shots. We headed to a military base on the outskirts of Cairo. The moment we arrived, we were shocked because the helicopter we agreed on had been replaced with another tiny one that can barely accommodate 3-crew members besides the captain.

We had to take the shots no matter what on that day, due to client deadline. The moment the blades swiveled and we were air-borne I knew that the shots would be terribly shaky. At the end, the footage was total mess and the visual effects editor struggled to stabilize it in the post.

Now, all it takes is around $10,000 and you own a CineStar, a remotely controlled copter that can hold your DSLR or even Red Epic or Scarlet. The company that manufacturers these copers is called Quadrocopter, based in Montana, and it has several models that start at $6000.

Here is some aerial footage shot by Tabb Firchau using CineStar8. (Tabb is the owner of FreeFly Cinema).

CineStar 3 Axis Gimbal from tabb firchau on Vimeo.


SmallHD Offers 40% Discount on Edelkrone Rigs

Edelkrone via SmallHD

Edelkrone Via SmallHD

SmallHD has just announced 40% off all Edelkrone gear. Edelkrone is a leading German manufacturer of camera gear and accessories.

This offer is until supplies last.

Check the new prices here:

Here is the official email that was sent to SmallHD customers:

” With special permission from Edelkrone, SmallHD is now offering these award winning rigs at wholesale prices.

All Edelkrone products are now 40% OFF… while supplies last.

The popular Pocket Rig is now only $329!

We have limited stock, so act quickly! We may never offer these rigs at this price again.

SmallHD customers that paid a higher price for the Edelkrone rigs will receive a refund for the difference. It’s only fair.

BONUS: All rigs ship FREE to US and Canada.”

7 Tips for HD Color Correction

This is one of the topics that took me 4 years to master. Color Correction & Grading is one of the most crucial elements of any post production. It can either kill the efforts of endless hours the DP and crew spent or dramatically boost final output pictures.

Editor, Vashi Nedomansky, writes about his tremendous experience in CC on the famous Shane HurlbutVisuals blog.

The best part is when Vashi lists the proper order of operations to maintain best picture quality. I strongly recommend you take the time to thoroughly go through the article and digest the helpful tips Vashi laid out.

To read the full article, go to 7 Tips for HD Color Correction and DSLR Color Correction