Is Canon 5D Mrk III in the Making?

There have been numerous rumors surfacing recently about the possibility that Canon is working secretly on a new DSLR release later this year. Is it going to be the 3rd generation of the famous 5D or the 2nd generation of the cropped sensor 7D?

Whichever is going to turn out to be true, what we really care for are the new features that Canon will introduce to better meet filmmakers’ aspirations and needs. Some of the features that¬†majority of filmmakers and DPs will anticipate:

  • Live histogram to better keep color tones locked in place
  • Audio meter
  • Clean signal out from the HDMI cable to record uncompressed footage
  • Better and improved compression codecs
  • Last but not least,¬†4K capability in HDSLRs
Is it the 5D III or 7D II?

This photo was taken by Stephen Oachs from Aperture Academy