Pushing the Limits in Act of Valor

Being a filmmaker gives out a lot about your personality. As a filmmaker, taking risks is an embedded part of my daily routine. But will I consent to work in a movie with Navy SEALs using live ammo?

Act of Valor tells the story of a heroic combat operation done by the élite and highly trained Navy SEALs as they embark on a mission to rescue an abducted CIA officer. What makes this movie unlike any other is the fact that live ammunition was used throughout the scenes. All Navy characters are portrayed by active duty SEALs members.

The use of live ammo may sound like an insane idea but it really isn’t. The beauty of filmmaking rests on the originality and creativity of ideas, concepts, and techniques. The movie is set to début Feb 24 in theaters. But for those who are eager to be a head of the pack, there will be below the line special screening at ArcLight theatre in Hollywood ( 6360 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028) at 6:30 pm Feb 2.

Looking forward to seeing it.

Act of Valor official website.


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