5 Essential iPhone Apps for Filmmakers

Nowadays, it’s no surprise that the iPhone for filmmakers is like a golf club for golfers. The advent of the iPhone, and consequently the App Store, has created a whole new world for us. Look at the App Store and see how many have created crucial apps to make our lives easier.

Here is a list of my top 5 essential Apps that I use most of the time during my scouting and shooting.

1. Sun Scout ($9.99)

The screenshots show how Sun Scout turns your phone in to the most powerful and natural interface possible: a magic lens. Point it at the sky to understand where the sun will be, and when.

Sun Scout

Sun Scout screenshot

2. DSLR Slate ($9.99)

DSLR Slate is the perfect companion for the DSLR Filmmaker. As a Universal App, DSLR Slate runs natively on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Designed for all needs from student to hollywood, DSLR Slate will be just as useful as the traditional film slate, if not more. “Slating” shots has become standard practice on set and helps streamline shot logging and post production.

DSLR Slate

DSLR Slate screenshot

3. FLICKERfree Calculator (Free)

FLICKERfree Calculator is a handy tool to calculate the proper camera speed and shutter angle combinations for FLICKERfree film or digital cinematography. It is especially useful when using HMI or fluorescent lighting.


FLICKERfree screenshot

4. pCAM Film+Digital Calculator ($29.99)

This App  calculates: Depth of Field – Hyperfocal – Image Circle – Splits/Aperture Finder – Field of View (Picture Sizes) – Field of View Preview (with images to size shots) – Angle of View – Focal Length (lens) Matching – Triangulate – Exposure – Running Time to Length – Shooting to Screen Time – HMI Flicker-free – Color Correction (choosing color correction filters) – Diopter – Macro – Time Lapse – and a host of other features.


pCAM screenshot

5. Artemis Director’s Viewfinder ($29.99)

Artemis works in much the same way as a traditional directors viewfinder but more accurately and with loads more features. Perfect for location scouting or making storyboards.

Artemis Director's Viewfinder

Artemis Director's Viewfinder screenshot


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